Yukon Nuggets


Other News From 1948

  • Bill Drury, Bill Taylor, and Charlie Taylor hold a major auto show at Taylor and Drury’s car dealership announcing the 1949 line of General Motors Products.
  • Brigadier-General Connelly is appointed Commander of the Northwest Highway System.
  • All travel restrictions on the Alaska Highway are lifted.
  • Keith Johnson of Pan American Airways announces a $67.50 fare from Whitehorse to Seattle.
  • Aubrey Simmons is elected President of the Whitehorse Board of Trade.
  • The Yukon Rose, a small sternwheeler once operated by Taylor and Drury, departs Whitehorse for the first time under the flag of the BYN Company.  In 1948, the company buys several smaller river vessels, including the “Loon” and the “Yukon Rose” for use on the Stewart and other rivers smaller than the Yukon.
  • By 1948, there were government operated liquor stores in Dawson City, Mayo and Whitehorse.  In the early days, Liquor Vendors in Dawson City and Mayo worked side by side with the Government Agents.  As the Yukon Population increased and became less transient, the Agent's duties were combined with the vendors giving them Territorial Agent status.
  • RCMP Inspector Cronkhite is transferred to Ottawa.  Inspector Spanton is his successor.
  • In 1948, Yukon vehicle license plates are orange on black.
  • Doug Cavaye, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce manager, succeeds A.E. Hardy.
  • John Scott and John Phelps begin construction of the Fish Lake hydro plant.
  • Christ the King School at Fourth Avenue and Wood Street is opened.
  • Rolf Hougen returns from his first business trip to Eastern Canada.