Yukon Nuggets


Other News From 1949

  • George Van Roggen opens a law practice in Whitehorse.  He is appointed to the Canadian Senate representing British Columbia in November 1971.
  • Rolf Hougen is elected as a member of the committee planning the 1950 Whitehorse Winter Carnival.
  • The Whitehorse Board of Trade presents a petition to Yukon Commissioner, John Edward Gibben urging the government to incorporate Whitehorse as a full-fledged city.
  • “Canadian Pacific” a popular 1949 Hollywood movie co-stars Dawson City born actor Victor Jory.
  • Robert Service releases a new book of poems called “Songs of a Sun-Lover, A Book of Light Verse.”  The publisher is Dodd-Mead of New York.
  • A permanent road link from Atlin to Whitehorse, built by the Canadian Army, is completed.
  • “Trail of the Yukon,” This Hollywood thriller is released with advertising lines such as “Northwoods thrills! Snarling vengeance! Snarling fury with Chinook, the wonder dog of the untamed wilds.”
  • Governor General Viscount Alexander visits the Yukon in July.
  • The first edition of Milepost Magazine, a guide to the Yukon and Alaska, is published. Since 1949, this tourist guide has been considered the bible of northern travel.
  • Two Canadian Olympic Hockey players, Andy Gilpin and Ross King, play for the RCAF Flyers in the Whitehorse Senior Hockey League.  The Town Merchants win the cup.
  • “Rose of the Yukon” is released.  "Rose" is played by Myrna Dell who appears primarily to show a lot of  glamour in a saloon gal getup and to sing the only song in the film.