Yukon Nuggets


Other News From 1952

  • The "Eager Beaver", a U.S. and Canadian military exercise is staged at Silver Creek, north of Haines Junction.
  • Yukon Government imposes a twenty-five cents a bottle tax on liquor.  Funds are used for recreational purposes.
  • Gambling clubs in Whitehorse are closed down.
  • A nickel discovery at Quill Creek near Burwash is announced.
  • Captain George Black proposes building a Yukon brewery.
  • Hougen's Limited sponsors a children's fashion show in the ballroom of the Whitehorse Inn.
  • Them Kjar is Director of Game and Publicity of the Yukon
  • Hougen's Sports Lodge sells Peterborough Boats and Martin Outboards.
  • W.D. (Bill) MacBride is elected President of the Yukon Historical Society.
  • The Lions Club sponsors the formation of Air Cadets.
  • Reverend Harold Lee is killed in a car accident. He had founded the Baptist Indian Mission School.
  • The new Whitehorse Civic Centre opens.
  • “Yukon Gold” another Hollywood motion picture featuring the Yukon as a supposed background. “Savage thrills in the lawless Klondike! Snarling Vengeance unleashed! Thrill-fanged adventure sprawled in the bitter, brawling Yukon.”
  • In 1952, the Yukon license plate introduces the miner panning for gold, complete with a gold nugget in the pan.  It is white on sky blue.  The gold miner is on the left side and the slogan "Land of the Midnight Sun" on the top strip.  This was also the first Yukon plate to have "Canada" on the bottom under "Yukon YT.”