Yukon Nuggets


Other News From 1954

  • W.J. Bill Borrie of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce addresses the local Board of Trade in the Whitehorse Inn Ballroom.
  • Clarence Sands, Atlin pioneer merchant, dies.
  • Pete Petiot continues as manager of the Civic Centre.
  • White Pass and Yukon Route & Canadian Pacific Airlines plan new Klondike Tours promotions.
  • Hougen's Juvenile Hockey Team wins playoff against Northland Beverages.
  • After twenty-four years of teaching and serving as Superintendent of Schools, Jack Hulland is fired, and later reinstated.
  • John Backe from Haines Junction opens a cocktail bar in his motel.
  • Ron Booth, editor for eight months of the Whitehorse Star, resigns.
  • Lloyd Ryder heads the Whitehorse Curling Club.
  • Ordering wine with meals is now permitted in Vancouver restaurants.
  • Postal employees begin a 5-day work week and the post office is closed on Saturdays.
  • Jean Lesage, Minister of Northern Affairs, visits the Yukon.
  • Arthur MacKay, Manager of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, leaves after three and a half years. George Frizell is his successor.
  • Y.P.A. Sports Day on Mayday is a success. Peggy Jamieson is voted May Queen.
  • The paddlewheeler Klondike is newly refurbished as a luxury tourist boat and is launched for a Dawson City run.
  • George and Martha Louise Black celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.
  • The city spreads a coat of heavy oil on the streets to keep down dust.
  • Wing Commander F.H. Pearce replaces Wing Commander Chuck Olson as commanding officer of the RCAF Whitehorse.
  • The city grants an electrical franchise to Yukon Electrical Co. Ltd.
  • White Pass hauls record tourists - 114 on the Tutshi to Ben My Chree and eighty-five to Whitehorse.
  • Len Metcalfe heads the Whitehorse Rifle and Pistol Club.
  • George Milne plane crashes on Mt. Fox. Milne and three passengers in the Beaver aircraft are killed.
  • Lloyd Camyre, sportsman, hockey coach, dies.
  • Howard Firth of Dawson City purchases the Wise Insurance Agency.
  • J.E. (Herb) Grasser is elected Legion President.
  • White Pass announces changes: Bill Hamilton is promoted to Assistant to the President and will move to Vancouver; Ernie Theed becomes Superintendent of River Division (BYN); George Smith is named Assistant Superintendent Highway Division; Chuck Beaumont is General Agent in Whitehorse.