Yukon Nuggets


Other News From 1959

  • Rolf Hougen attends the Canadian Chamber of Commerce board of directors meeting in Montreal representing "the North".
  • WHTV reduces its hookup rate from $350 to $120. Camp Takhini and Riverdale are cabled.
  • Alex Arthur's store called Porky's Men's Wear is acquired by Hougen's Limited.
  • Whitehorse holds a "Days of 98" celebration with a full week of activities.
  • Rolf Hougen, President of Whitehorse Board of Trade, leads a delegation of board members to Dawson City. Pat Callison is elected President of the newly formed Dawson Chamber. The group flew to Mayo and Elsa and were hosted by the United Keno Hill Mines.
  • Hougen's advertises office equipment.
  • The Canadair built aircraft called "the Yukon" flew for the first time on November 15 1959. It was built for the RCAF.
  • Marilyn Horne, opera singer, performs at the Alaska music trail concert.
  • The Whitehorse Fishway is completed as part of the first phase of the Whitehorse Dam. The fishway allows hundreds of migrating chinook -- or "king" -- salmon each year to bypass the dam and reach their spawning grounds in southern Yukon.