Yukon Nuggets


Other News From 1964

  • Yukon artist Jim Robb has a public showing of his moosehide paintings.
  • Dave Robertson is manager of the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous.
  • Foxy, the Broadway musical that had its premier showing in Dawson City in 1962, is reported a Broadway success.
  • A ceremonial snow dance took place in front of the Rendezvous Ice Palace featuring local Indian Band members in full dress.
  • Stephen Frost of Old Crow wins the Carling trophy for overall speed in the three day Rendezvous Rendezvous Dog Races.
  • Dr. Bill Buchan is President of the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce.
  • Al Vars is Liquor Superintendent.
  • The Canadian Legion organizes a charter flight to Preswick Scotland on a DC6. Seventy-one Yukoners take part.
  • Arthur Laing , Minister of Northern Affairs, leads a group of a "couple of dozen" officials and diplomats on a tour of the Yukon.
  • Craig Perry Hughes is appointed Senior Yukon Legal Advisor.
  • Ross Kenway is appointed Manager of the Whitehorse Copper Mine.
  • Famed Group of Seven artist, A.Y. Jackson who, along with Maurice Haycock and Ralph Burton, has been painting across the North, held a showing in Whitehorse.
  • Yukon Research and Development wants Tarr Inlet investigated as a potential Canadian port. Leo Proctor and Al Wright fly to the site.
  • The Hon. W.K. Kiernan, representing the BC Cabinet visits Whitehorse to 'sell' the idea of the Yukon joining BC. Former Commissioner FH Collins, terms the idea 'logical'.
  • The Hougen Santa train once again takes hundreds of children to McRae to meet Santa.
  • Former City Foreman of Works, Jack Cherry, dies.
  • Brian Danials and Jan Montgomery elected by acclamation to serve another two year term on City Council.