Yukon Nuggets


Other News From 1971

  • Following civic elections, the Whitehorse City Council includes Jim Howatt, Paul Lucier, Alder Hunter, Clive Boyd, John Watt, and Steve Henke. Three Aldermen reside within the old city boundaries while three from the new. Bert Wybrew is returned as mayor.
  • Territorial Councillors are Don Taylor, Norm Chamberlist, Hilda Watson, Ken McKinnon, Clive Tanner, Ron Rivett, and Mike Stutter.
  • The proposed Alaska Highway Oil Pipeline is under discussion.
  • Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous chairman is Bill Royds. Fifteen dog teams compete in the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous annual race. Nick Molofy of Edmonton is the winner.
  • Bob Hilker has been named Rendezvous manager for the 1972 celebration . The Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous (1972) committee includes: Frank Mooney, Bert Wybrew, Carole Keddy, Bob Byron, Ron Chambers, Jim Phelan, and Ron McFadyen.
  • The Minister of Northern Affairs and Mrs. Jean Chretien attend the Rendezvous. Digby Hunt, Jean Fournier, Northwest Territories Commissioner & Mrs. John Parker, Brigadier Ramsay Withers are among the special guests. A special rendezvous charter from Vancouver includes well-known CKNW talk radio host, Jack Webster.
  • Yukon Commissioner James Smith will accompany the Minister of Indian Affairs, Jean Chretien on a tour of New Zealand and Australia to study "native" affairs.
  • John Bruk is appointed a director and President of New Imperial Mines.
  • The Whitehorse Medical and Dental Building is officially opened by Commissioner Smith.
  • Harvey Dryden, Director of Yukon Government Travel and Information, resigns.
  • Gas is discovered in the southeast Yukon.
  • Wellgreen Mine at Quill Creek near Kluane to start production of nickel and copper.
  • Kurt Koken and Dutch Veinott are sworn in for a two-year term as city aldermen.
  • David Gairns assumes post of Whitehorse Development Officer succeeding Bob Byron who has been appointed Whitehorse city manager.
  • The British Columbia Government presents the Yukon with a BC Centennial totem pole, erected in front of the Yukon Territorial Government building.
  • The Whitehorse Frantic Follies features Gillian Campell at its nightly shows in the Inn Ballroom.
  • Pierre Berton visits Dawson City and other points along the proposed Klondike Gold Rush Park from Skagway to Dawson.
  • New Imperial Mines changes its name to Whitehorse Copper Mines Ltd.
  • A committee of federal and BC government officials has been formed to study the extension of the PGE Railroad north to the Yukon and Alaska.
  • Graeme Connel has been named editor of the Whitehorse Star, succeeding Flo Whyard who has been editor for seven years.
  • An additional 9000 square feet has been added to the Yukon Regional Library.
  • The Faro Hotel, owned by Al Kulan, is officially opened.
  • Dutch van Tassel is re-elected President of the Yukon Chamber of Mines. Mike Phillips and Ron Granger are elected Vice-residents.
  • The Lions Swimming Pool on Third Avenue will be covered with a building.
  • Anvil Mines announces the appointment of Robert Haffner as general manager. He will live in Faro. Bob Thurmand, senior Vice-president, resides in Vancouver, Jim Oak is assistant Vice-president.
  • Captain Ron Wood, a C.P.Air pilot, flies a 737 jet skyward from the fog shoulded Whitehorse airport and leads a lost Cessna 172, piloted by Doug Phillips, through a heavy cloud cover to a safe landing.