Yukon Nuggets


Other News From 1972

  • The Yukon Legislature established the Yukon Housing Corp.
  • Frank Mooney, manager of NCPC explains the Aishihik Power Project to the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Councillor Mike Stutter replaces Don Taylor on the Yukon Financial Advisory Committee.
  • Captain Bromley, retired skipper of the S.S. Klondike attends the Arctic Winter Games opening ceremony. He retired 17 years ago after 32 years on the Yukon River.
  • Jetair, owned by Dr. Allard of Edmonton announced a second Electra aircraft would be added to the Inuvik, Whitehorse, Calgary route.
  • The Whitehorse Lions Swimming Pool has installed a building over the pool.
  • Inspector W.J. Hunter, RCMP, has been named to succeed Inspector Guy Marcoux who has been transferred to Montreal.
  • A plane piloted by Dr. Darrell Bellinger crashed in the mountains between Whitehorse and Skagway. 3 youths were with the pilot.
  • John Holmes replaces Frank Levin as superintendent of schools.
  • Lilias Farley, artist & art school teacher, is honoured on her retirement after 25 years.
  • Otto Lang, Minister of Justice visits the Yukon.
  • Wellgreen Mine, owned by Hudson Bay Mining near Burwash announced its copper-nickel mine will close down after only a few weeks of operation.
  • Don Jamieson, Minister of Transport announced a rail - road plan for Northern BC & the Yukon. Rail would be extended to the Yukon and the Skagway - Carcross road would be built.
  • The US announced a plan to pave the highway from Haines, Alaska to the US/Canada border at mile 1202
  • Mr. & Mrs. Yukon, the Chappie Chapmans, attend Discovery Days in Dawson
  • Pierre Berton & family travel from Whitehorse, where he was born, to Dawson City, where he lived to age 12, by boat, they arrived on Discovery Day.
  • Executive Committee members, Hilda Watson (Education), Norm Chamberlist (Health & Welfare) & Keith Fleming (Ass't Commissioner) travel to Australia.
  • Kluane National Park is under study
  • Darrel Johnson, Manager of Hougen's Faro Store reported extensive damage from a fire that started outside at the rear of the store.
  • Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau returned to power but with a minority government
  • Polly, the hundred (?) year old parrot at the Caribou Hotel in Carcross, died
  • Prem. Barrett of B.C. removes opposition to construction of the Skagway Road.
  • Cassiar Asbestos mine laid off 60 of the 450 workers due to softening world demand for asbestos and about one third of the 280 employees of the Clinton mines near Dawson. Also affected was 17 of the 60 Cassiar Transport workers.
  • Yukon Housing manager Al Williams announced that all 43 units of the low rental housing project in the south part of Whitehorse will be occupied by year end.
  • City manager Bob Byron accepts the resignation of City Engineer Dick Fletcher
  • Yukon library has expanded by 15000 sq. ft. making way for the Yukon Archives - building is on 2nd Avenue and Hawkins St.
  • John Bruk, President of Whitehorse Copper Mines, announces mill production will resume following over a years closure due to low copper prices & a shortage of ore. Little Chief and Middle Chief ore bodies are now operated underground
  • Yukon Hootch rum is introduced to the Yukon