Yukon Nuggets


Other News From 1977

  • In October, as part of the service area of Alberta Power, Rolf Hougen, a Director, attends a board meeting in Fort McMurray and visits the Tar Sands Project. Later, Rolf joins friends in Viking, Alberta for a duck shoot.
  • Merv Miller leaves the Executive Committee of Y.T.G. and is replaced by Peter Gillespie.
  • Warren Allmand, Minister of Northern Development, attends the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous.
  • Joanne Lindsay, of the Mini Bus Society, says the first year of operation went well. One hundred and twenty thousand passengers were carried.
  • John Bruk, chairman of Cyprus Anvil Mines, announced the company lost 1.2 million dollars in 1976.
  • Elijah Smith, chairman of the Yukon Native Brotherhood, is appointed Director of Indian Affairs for the Yukon.
  • Fire chief Fred Blaker returns to work after a three months absence due to illness.
  • Whitehorse City Council gives approval for a six million dollar sewage treatment plant.
  • Riverdale Mall with Lewes Market as its principal tenant opens on April 21st.
  • Foothills Pipeline confirms that a Dempster Highway pipeline joining the Alaska Highway pipeline is economical.
  • Kiwanis chairman is Jim Eby.
  • Kaiser Aluminum says Yukon Power and the nearby port of Skagway is the right blend for a potential aluminum smelter.
  • The White Pass and Yukon Route sells steam engines No. 80 and 81 to Sumpter Valley, Oregon, where they had come from in early 1940's.
  • Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his wife Margaret announce their separation.
  • Skagway celebrates the opening of the American side of the International Gold Rush Park. Canada has not made a commitment.
  • Jeff Choy-Hee is honoured for his years of service as director of the Skookum Jim Hall.
  • B.C. has formally joined in the creation of the Gold Rush Park.
  • Foothills Pipeline announces that Yukon population will grow by 5,314 people at peak of Alaska Highway pipeline construction.
  • Willard Phelps, board member of the Alaska Highway pipeline inquiry, says the pipeline "would have a negative effect on the territory". The board asks for offset funding to minimize any impacts.
  • In a federal cabinet shuffle, Hugh Faulkner replaces Warren Allmand as Minister of Northern Development.
  • David Joe, 28, became the first Native lawyer in the Yukon's History.
  • "Wigwam" Harry Feick dies at age 77.
  • Ted Harrison's book "Children of the Yukon" put the Yukon on the map.
  • The YWCA announces it will close the Whitehorse Residence.
  • U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Thomas Enders visits Whitehorse.
  • Harry Allen is elected chairman of Council for Yukon Indians.
  • Hugh Faulkner, Minister of Northern Development, visits the Yukon.
  • On Dec 8th, Whitehorse sets cold record at -45.5. On Dec 19, 1942 the record was -47.7.
  • M.L.A. Jack Hibberd is named to Executive Committee of Y.T.G.
  • Charlie Chaplin, star of "The Gold Rush" dies at age 88.