Yukon Nuggets


The Semi-weekly Star and The Weekly Star Reports in 1902

February 8, 1902 Henry C. Macaulay is elected mayor of Dawson on February 6, 1902, defeating his opponent Dr. A. Thompson.
February 12, 1902 The Grand Annual Ball of the North West Mounted Police takes place February 10, 1902 in White Horse.
March 12, 1902 The construction of a road between Dawson and White Horse is investigated. To that point, the Yukon River is used to access the two communities, leaving the city without mail after the end of the boating season and before the river is frozen.
March 22, 1902 Win Perkins becomes the new manager of the Hotel Grand as of March 21, 1902.
April 9, 1902 Supt. E. Pulham breaks the record of fast travel between White Horse and Dawson. He made the journey in an unprecedented time of 3 days and 10 hours.
April 23, 1902 Hydraulic machinery arrives in the Yukon on April 12, 1902 to be used on a test basis for mining. It is installed at No. 63 below on Bonanza, under the personal supervision of J.H. Adams, its inventor.
April 23, 1902 Inspector Fitz Horrigan is appointed deputy sheriff for the Yukon Territory.
April 26, 1902 Ottawa promotes Major Wood, former officer commanding the North West Mounted Police in the Yukon Territory, to the position of assistant commissioner of the force and commanding within the Yukon Territory. This change severs the connection between the Yukon and the Nortwest Territories for police purposes.
April 30, 1902 The incorporation of White Horse is discussed in public. Main reason for the incorporation is to regulate the sale of goods by transient dealers during the summer months.
May 7, 1902 The White Horse Masonic Lodge is installed May 5, 1902.
May 10, 1902 Gold is discovered in the Corvette mine.
May 21, 1902 The Sybil of the B.Y.N. fleet is the first boat of the season to reach Dawson.
June 4, 1902 Governor J.H. Ross arrives in Whitehorse May 31, 1902. He is guest at the home of Major A.E. Snyder. The Governor also meets with the Board of Trade.
June 28, 1902 The Whitehorse Star headline states that no Chinese are wanted in the territory. The five Chinese people that arrived on the train from Skagway are warned by the Committee of Citizens to leave as soon as possible .
July 5, 1902 The Dawson City Council decides to retain the N.W.M. Police for the policing of the city.
July 9, 1902 The start of road construction works is announced. This includes the Dawson-Selkirk road and the Dawson-Whitehorse overland trail.
July 12, 1902
 → August 30, 1902
A large gold dredge is built on Stewart River under the supervision of Ex-Commissioner Ogilvie. The machinery is put into place at the end of August 1902.
July 19, 1902
 → August 9, 1902
Governor Ross suffers a paralytic stroke on July 18, 1902 while travelling on the steamer Columbia from Dawson to White Horse. On August 9, 1902, Major Z.T. Wood of the N.W.M.P. stationed at Dawson is appointed temporary commissioner of Yukon Territory during the illness of Governor Ross.
July 30, 1902 Work on the Copper King and Grafter roads commence August 1, 1902.
August 2, 1902 The Savoy Hotel in White Horse is taken over by Jas. H. Russell and his company.
August 16, 1902 Deputy Minister of the Interior, J.A. Smart, takes over affairs until Governor Ross is recovered.
September 20, 1902 Governor J.H. Ross is re-elected as governor on September 18, 1902. He was the only one nominated. Fred McLeonan is elected chairman.
September 20, 1902 The Canadian Bank of Commerce of Skagway is blown up by a stick of dynamite thrown by an unknown man on September 15, 1902.
October 4, 1902 Right Rev. Gabriel Breynat becomes the first bishop of the Yukon and Northwest Territories. He arrives September 29, 1902 in White Horse on his way to Dawsyon.
November 1, 1902 The Imperial Hotel is purchased by W. Curtis from J.H. Russell.
November 22, 1902 The Platform of the Dawson Nominating Convention nominates James H. Ross as a candidate for the House of Commons.
December 6, 1902 St. Andrew's Day Banquet is held in Whitehorse by the Scottish residents.
December 6, 1902 Governor Ross defeats Mr. Clark in the Yukon Elections.
December 6, 1902
 → December 13, 1902
John McIntyre is assumed to be dead as he and his companion Abbey went missing on their way from Atlin to Log Cabin. Their sled and the bodies of the dog team are found December 11, 1902. The bodies of the two men were not found. (see also May 16, 1903)