Yukon Nuggets


The Weekly Star Reports in 1928

February 17, 1928 A group of American financiers are working out a scheme to link the United States and Alaska by rail as steel is laid from Chicago to the Peace River district. The plan is to cover the construction of a line from the Peace River district to Alaska. The proposed line would link Dawson and Whitehorse in Canada, and Juneau and other points in Alaska directly with the rest of Canada and the United States.
March 30, 1928 Work on the Whitehorse Inn begins.
April 6, 1928 George I. Maclean is appointed Gold Commissioner for the Yukon on April 3, 1928.
April 13, 1928
 → May 11, 1928
Carcross and Atlin have the first visit from an airplane as on April 2, 1928 the Queen of the Yukon flies in. A month later, the Queen of the Yukon is badly damaged in bad weather.
June 1, 1928 On May 28, 1928, the steamer Aksala takes the largest single barge load of ore ever taken from Whitehorse. One the barge are 481 tons and on the boat 170 tons.
June 8, 1928 The Richmond-Yukon Copper Ltd. discontinues drilling operations on their Whitehorse copper properties as the ore bodies are not large enough.
July 20, 1928 Dr. Culbertson passes away on July 12, 1928.
August 10, 1928 Fred McLennan, former store owner in Whitehorse, passes away in Vancouver.
August 24, 1928 Bobby Kane discovers the largest nugget yet taken from Squaw Creek. The nugget has a value of $134.
September 7, 1928 Thomas Fuller passes away on September 6, 1928.
September 14, 1928 Wernecke's Fairchild first plane takes off from Carcross for Mayo.
September 28, 1928
 → October 12, 1928
Greenfield & Pickering get the permission of the Post Office Department to carry the mail by plane during the winter season. The Treadwell-Yukon Fairchild monoplane and the Moth are used for the service.
October 12, 1928 Clyde Wann's mother passes away at Camas, Washington.
November 2, 1928 After being closed down for years work resumes on the Venus Extension mining property at Windy Arm.
November 2, 1928 C.A.K. Innes-Taylor gets married in Victoria on October 19, 1928.
December 14, 1928 The third plane, the Northern Light, is in service in the Yukon.