Yukon Nuggets


The Whitehorse Star Reports in 1935

January 18, 1935 It is announced that illness brought on by his war services may necessitate resignation by George Black, the Yukon's member of parliament.
February 1, 1935 Four persons are killed in a plane crash 99 miles from Whitehorse on January 30, 1935, the most serious transportation disaster as yet known in the Yukon .
March 1, 1935 A fire breaks out in the Whitehorse Fire Hall putting the city at great risk.
April 6, 1935 The landing of the Pacific Alaska Airways 10 passenger Lockheed Electra plane on April 3, 1935 inaugurates the regular flight service between Whitehorse and Fairbanks.
May 3, 1935 Francis Xavier Laderoute, 95 year old French Canadian from the Yukon, marries Katherine Smithers, 70 of St. Paul, Mineapolis.
May 24, 1935 A thirty ounce gold nugget, valued at $1,000 is found near Atlin by Allen Morrison, Dan McKay and F. Johnson. This is the fourth big nugget found in the Atlin district since the days of '98.
June 7, 1935 The steamer Casca opens the new navigation season, leaving Whitehorse on May 31, 1935.
June 21, 1935 The Timmins Corporation of Montreal stops the development of ore bodies near Carmacks, as the developments had not proved up to expectations. (see also September 28, 1934)
July 26, 1935 A fire damages the Canadian Bank of Commerce building.
August 9, 1935 George and Martha Black move back to Whitehorse from Ottawa.
October 18, 1935 Martha Black is elected the Yukon Member of Parliament in the October 14, 1935 election, defeating J.P. Smith.
October 18, 1935 White Pass & Yukon Route add an 11 passenger Fairchild seaplane to their air service.
November 1, 1935 E.J. Hamacher passes away in Whitehorse on October 29, 1935.