Yukon Nuggets


The Whitehorse Star Reports in 1936

February 7, 1936 A large body of high grade ore is discovered at Carmacks.
March 13, 1936 Martha Black is the first woman at a Conservative Caucus in the House of Commons. In her first speech before the House of Commons, February 20, 1936, Martha Black makes a plea for a pension for Yukoners.
March 20, 1036 Dawson is under quarantine, all public meetings and gatherings being banned, due to an outbreak of scarlet fever.
April 3, 1936 Carl Lykkergard finds in the Atlin mining district a 44 ounce gold nugget worth $1300.
May 8, 1936
 → June 12, 1936
The Dominion government grants in 1936 $70,000 for the Territory. A month later, Ottawa grants an additional $65,000 for improving the roads in Northern Yukon.
May 22, 1936 Floods of unprecented magnitude cause havoc in the Yukon River Valley from Selwyn to Coffee Creek around May 20, 1936.
May 22, 1936 The steamer Whitehorse opens the new navigation season.
June 12, 1936
 → June 19, 1936
The steamer Klondike of the B.Y.N. fleet has an accident in the Thirty-Mile River six miles below Hootalinqua. The steamer Whitehorse rushes to help with a rescue crew. On June 19, 1936, the Whitehorse Star reports that the Klondike is estimated a total loss.
June 26, 1936 George Black, former Yukon M.P., resumes his law practice in Whitehorse.
July 3, 1936 After 29 years in business, the Puckett Hardware store is purchased by Northern Commercial Ltd.
July 3, 1936 The Mayo Indian village is heavily damaged by flooding. All the residents of the Village had to flee to the high hill across river. The flood current cut away 25 feet of the bank, washed away houses and damaged property.
July 10, 1936 The steamer Casca hits on July 9, 1936 in Rink Rapids the wreck of the old steamer Dawson. The Casca sinks very rapidly. All passengers are saved.
July 17, 1936 A fire destroys on July 13, 1936 the Carcross school house and the old Scott Hotel.
September 25, 1936 The Whitehorse Public School is ordered closed for a period of ten days due to an outbreak of scarlet fever.
October 30, 1936 The Atlin newspaper plant burns down on October 23, 1936.
October 30, 1936 Albert F. Zipf, former White Pass traffic manager, dies in Bay City at the age of 62.
December 4, 1936 Paddy Duncan, Indian of Champagne is charged with the murder of Harton Kane, is sentenced to hang March 23, 1937.