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The Whitehorse Star Reports in 1937

February 5, 1937 Livingstone Wernecke is picked up at Prince George after he crashed there with his Bellanca plane.
February 26, 1937 Captain J.E. Hoggan, well known skipper of the B.Y.N. fleet for many years, passes away in Mayo on February 15, 1937.
March 5, 1937 The son of George and Martha Black is killed in a car accident.
March 12, 1937 The Department of Mines and Resources in Ottawa issues of geological map of the Laberge area.
April 12, 1937 A new era in Yukon's mining industry is ushered in on March 30, 1937 when Everet Wasson, piloting the White Pass Fairchild, delivers miners and equipment to the creeks.
April 30, 1937 T.C. Richards purchases the Whitehorse Inn and City Café.
April 30, 1937
 → May 7, 1937
Premier T.D. Pattullo announces on April 26, 1937 that the Yukon Territory is to become a part of British Columbia. It is stated that negotiations toward the amalgamation of British Columbia and the Yukon have been quietly proceeding by the Dominion and Provincial governments for some time and the basis of the agreement for the merger is reached. News of the announcement is received "with increduality and righteous indignation" by Yukon citizens.
May 28, 1937 Navigation on the Yukon river opens May 23, 1937 with the departure of the steamer Nasutlin.
June 4, 1937 J.J. Elliott opens a branch of his ivory shop at Carcross.
June 4, 1937 Kate Rockwell Matson, "Klondike Kate", returns to Whitehorse and Dawson.
June 11, 1937 Whitehorse's new theatre, built by J.R. Alguire, officially opens June 5, 1937.
June 25, 1937 It is stated that President Roosevelt is very receptive to a plan to make part of B.C. and the Yukon into an international park and Skagway a free port. It would be the world's first international park.
July 9, 1937 The first inaugural flight of the United Air Transport mail plane is made which arrives in Whitehorse from Edmonton on July 5, 1937.
July 9, 1937 Robert Service's mother, Sarah Emily Service, passes away.
July 16, 1937 Owing to the rapidly increasing air traffic, a new diagonal runway is added to the Whitehorse airfield.
August 20, 1937 Martha and George Black's eldest son passes away after a prolonged illness.
November 5, 1937 A new airmail service for Whitehorse - Dawson via Mayo is inaugurated. The contract is awarded to the British Yukon Navigation Co.
November 12, 1937 The House of Macmillian publishes a book of poems dealing with the north: "Frozen Fires".
November 26, 1937 A devastating storm strikes the Seward Peninsula at Nome. It not only damages property but also uncovers a new gold area.
December 3, 1937 Gordon Armstrong is elected president of the Whitehorse Curling Club.
December 17, 1937 The Junior Board of Trade is organized at Dawson.
December 31, 1937 The most disastrous fire in years demolishes the Family Theatre at Dawson and the historic D.A.A.A. building.