Yukon Nuggets


The Whitehorse Star Reports in 1938

January 7, 1938 Northern Airways Company Ltd. is awarded the new airmail contract between Vancouver and Whitehorse. The inaugural flight from Vancouver is made January 8, 1938.
February 4, 1938
 → February 11, 1938
The Board of Trade is re-organized at a meeting on January 27, W.D. MacBride is elected president. Vice president is G.R. Bidlake.
March 11, 1938 C.J. Rogers is appointed vice-president of the White Pass & Yukon Route company.
March 25, 1938 Work on a new tramway system, the Hector-Elsa wire-rope tramway, begin in spring 1938.
April 15, 1938 W.J. Mulvihill is re-elected mayor of Skagway for his fifteenth term.
May 20, 1938 Northern Commercial Co. purchases John N. Spence grocery business in Dawson.
May 27, 1938 The navigation season opens with the departure of the streamer Casca for Dawson on May 23, 1938.
August 5, 1938 The first consignment of air mail to reach Whitehorse direct from Vancouver arrives August 4, 1938. The new airmail service contract has been awarded to the Ginger Coote Airways Ltd.
August 5, 1938 After 30 years, Sam McGee comes back to Whitehorse.
October 14, 1938 Antoinette Hobbis is Miss Yukon for 1938-39.
October 28, 1938 Leslie Cook of Northern Airways Ltd. makes an emergency flight through blinding snowstorm to pick up an injured miner.
December 9, 1938 T.C. Richards and E.F. Keobke produce the first gold brick ever to be secured from quartz property in the southern end of the Yukon.