Yukon Nuggets


The Whitehorse Star Reports in 1949

January 21, 1949 W.M. Emery is re-elected President of the Whitehorse Branch Canadian Legion.  First Vice-President, R.C. Watson: Second Vice-President, F. McLennan: Executive: N.W. King, A.C. Waites, Mrs. Furry: Sergeant-at-Arms, E.L. Gay: Trustees: William Morris, R.G. Lee, Andy Borland.
February 4, 1949 Winter Carnival for this year is cancelled.
February 25, 1949 A Whitehorse All-Star hockey team, lead by coach Lloyd Camyre, travels to Nanaimo on a CP Airlines charter DC 3 to compete in British Columbia Intermediate  Playoffs.  They lose both games they play and then tour the Okanagan.
February 25, 1949 Mrs. I Taylor, wife of W.D. Taylor, passes away on February 21, 1949 while on vacation in New Zealand.
April 1, 1949 Newfoundland is welcomed into confederation as the tenth province of Canada.
April 1, 1949 A million dollar power is plant planned for the Mayo mining area. Construction of a 2500 horsepower hydro-electric project may start this summer.
April 8, 1949 Allish's Fur and Gift shop, the smallest little store in the Yukon, has moved to larger and brighter premises formerly occupied by the Blue Owl Café.
April 22, 1949 Works on the Whitehorse Civic Centre start.
April 22, 1949 It is announced that construction of a road between Atlin and the Alaska Highway (Jake's Corner) will be undertaken by the Canadian Army.
April 29, 1949 The first white woman settler in the Yukon, Louis Lagrois, passes away on April 28, 1949 in Victoria at the age of 77.
May 6, 1949 At the annual meeting of the Board of Trade, the following were elected: President, Alan MacGregor; Vice-President, Keith Johnson; Secretary, R.J. Rowland; Directors: Rolf  Hougen, Gordon Lee, Jim Norrington, D. Cavaye, E. Lortie, W.D MacBride, George Van Roggen and Ed Harper.
May 13, 1949 Difficult airfield conditions at Dawson making it impossible for planes to land there lead to a short food shortage in the town.
May 20, 1949 On May 17, 1949, J. Aubrey Simmons is chosen as candidate for the Liberal Party for the Yukon-Mackenzie Riding in the forthcoming general election on June 27, 1949.
May 20, 1949 An agreement providing for the first time for the payment of old age and blind pensions in the Yukon Territory is signed in Ottawa on May 13, 1949 and is in effect as of June 24, 1949.
May 27 1949 A.M. (Matt) Berry announces that he is an Independent candidate for the Yukon-Mackenzie River seat at the general election on June 27, 1949.
June 3, 1949 It is announced that a Road Information Service will be established along the Alaska Highway.
June 17, 1949 A disastrous fire in Mayo destroyed Mill and Assay office.
June 24, 1949 Clyde G. Wann marries Helen Shaug at Coeur D'Alene, Idaho on June 8, 1949.
June 27, 1949 The Canadian federal election of 1949 is the first in almost thirty years in which William Lyon Mackenzie King did not lead the Liberals.  King retires in 1948 and is replaced by Louis St. Laurent.  The Liberal party is re-elected with its fourth consecutive majority government.  Liberal J. Aubrey Simmons is elected Member of Parliament for Yukon-McKenzie Riding.
July 8, 1949 The Governor General, the Viscount Alexander of Tunis, visits the Yukon on July 4, 1949.
July 29, 1949 Councilor R. Gordon Lee is re-elected to Territorial Council.
September 2, 1949 The U.S House passes a bill for the eventual purpose of linking Alaska by rail with the United States, through British Columbia and the Yukon.
October 28, 1949 Dee's Fabric Shop moves into larger premises on Main Street.
October 28, 1949 The Kiwanis Club elects officers for 1950.  President, Charlie Taylor; Vice-President, Stuart McPherson; Directors: F. Arnott, William Hamilton, Keith Johnson, D. Cavaye, Gordon Cameron, Jack Hogg and Jimmy Quong.
November 4, 1949 The Whitehorse Juvenile Hockey Association is formed.  President, Keith Johnson; Vice-President, Major Cambridge; Secretary-Treasurer, Fred Locke.
December 2, 1949 Mr. And Mrs. T. D. Pattullo celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on November 30, 1949.
December 9, 1949 The newly elected officers of the B.P.O. Elks are: Exalted Ruler, William Hancock; Past Exalted Ruler, D.W.K. Stoddart; Leading Knight, W. Williamson; Loyal Knight, L. Scown; Lecturing Knight, V. Chapman; Secretary, G. Tweedale; Treasurer, J. Fox; Inner Guard, E. Hammer; Tyler, C. Aird; Trustees: E. Pinchin, M. Brown, Harry Johannes.
December 9, 1949 It is announced that the Atlin highway is now open for traffic.
December 9, 1949 On May 5, 1949, the Canadian Board on Geographical Names gives approval to changing the name of "Lewes River" to "Yukon River". This means that the name "Yukon River" may be officially used when referring to the stream from its source to ist mouth, including the part running from its source to the junction with the Pelly River.
December 30, 1949 Inspector H.H. Cronkhite passes away on December 28, 1949 at the age of 51.