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The Whitehorse Star Reports in 1950

January 6, 1950 With this issue, the Whitehorse Star commences on its fiftieth year of service to this community.
January 10, 1950 The St. Mary's Hospital in Dawson is destroyed by fire.
January 10, 1950 The local Royal Canadian Legion holds its annual meeting and elects the following officers: President, James Porter; First Vice-President, R.Watson; Second Vice-president, E. Gay; Secretary, A.K. Parley: Executive Members are; Mrs. Warren, A.E. Dawes and W.J. Morris.
January 17, 1950 Chief Jim Boss of the Lebarge Indian Band dies.
March 3, 1950 Moe Grant crashes his Tiger Moth aircraft en route home from Atlin.  He is rescued with badly frozen feet.
March 17, 1950 The Yukon Outfitters Association is formed.  Alec Davis is elected President, and M.V. Nolan is Secretary-Treasurer.
March 24, 1950 The annual meeting of the North Star Civic Center Club elects the following officers: President, George Alywin; Vice-President, Ron Greenslade; Secretary, Jim Patterson; Treasurer, Harold Damon. The executive will include one representative each from the Board of Trade, B.P.O. Elks, I.O.D.E., the Royal Canadian Legion, the Kiwanis Club, the Northwest Highway System and the R.C.A.F.
March 24, 1950 The Yukon Fish and Game Association elects new officers. President, W. D. MacBride; Vice-President, C. F. Rosenberg; Secretary, Harry Gordon-Cooper; Treasurer, Tom Portlock.
April 2, 1950 The RCMP raid an ace-away game 75 yards southwest of Strickland Street and 8th Avenue.  Sixteen people were arrested and appeared before the newly appointed Justice of the Peace, John Kerr.  All were fined and gambling paraphernalia was confiscated.
May 5, 1950 The Board of Trade elects officers at their annual meeting: President, Alan McGregor; Vice-President, Keith Johnson; Secretary, R. J. Rowan and Treasurer, Doug Cavaye.
May 26, 1950 Vimy Yeulet is acclaimed Queen of the Y.P.A. Sports Day.
May 26, 1950 Horace Moore, owner/editor, sells the Whitehorse Star to Tom Bain.  Rolf Hougen organizes a local business group to sign a promissory note at the Canadian Bank of Commerce to make this transaction possible. Yearly subscription remains at $3.00.
June 2, 1950
 → October 6, 1950
"The Cocktail Lounge Ordinance" is passed May 11, 1950 by the Territorial Council and calls for a Yukon wide plebiscite on the sale of liquor in Cocktail lounges. In the plebiscite on September 22, 1950, Yukoners vote in favour of Cocktail lounges. (see also May 24, 1951)
June 2, 1950 J.A. Jeckell, former Controller of the Yukon Territory, passes away May 31, 1950 at the age of 69.
June 7, 1950 The Liberal Women's Auxiliary hold their first meeting.  Officers elected are: Honorary Presidents, Mrs. Louis St. Laurent and Mrs. Aubrey Simmons: President, Mrs. R. B. Cousins; Vice President, Mrs. B. M. Kerruish; Secretary, Mrs. L. M. Schram; Treasurer; Mrs. N. Dennison. Other members of the executive include Mrs. M. Borland, Mrs. V. Clarke and Mrs. E. MacIntyre.
June 9, 1950 A modern brewery is proposed for Whitehorse. Plans are underway to choose a site with a suitable water supply.
June 16, 1950 The Whitehorse Inn Tavern opens for business.  The tavern is one of the finest on the Pacific Coast.  Mr. T. C. Richards spared no expense in giving the patrons a comfortable and pleasant environment.
June 23, 1950 The erection of a new hotel in Whitehorse, the " '98" is announced.
June 30, 1950 Parliament approved a power development project in Mayo to supply electricity to mines and other potential customers in the district.
July 4, 1950 The High Commissioner of Australia, the Right Honourable F. M. Forde, visits Whitehorse.  While here, he is entertained by members of the Army and the Airforce.
July 7, 1950
 → August 4, 1950
H. Gordon Armstrong, manager of Burns Meat Market, is elected the first Mayor of Whitehorse by acclamation. The following eldermen are elected on July 31, 1950 : William Hamilton, Sam McClimon, George Ryder and James Norrington.
July 28, 1950 Thousands attended the funeral of Mackenzie King in Ottawa.
August 25, 1950 A.H. Gibson is appointed as Yukon’s Commissioner.  His office is in Dawson City.
September 22, 1950 The first meeting of the Parent Teachers' Association elects the following officers: Honorary President, Laurie Todd: President, Fred Locke: 1st Vice-President, Mrs. Jean Phelps: 2nd Vice-President, Mrs. Florence MacDonald: Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. A. J. Barnett: Membership Convener, Mrs. Audrey Morse: Publicity Convener, Mrs. E. I. Hannington.
October 6, 1950 At the business meeting of the Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary, the following officers are elected: President, Mrs. 0. Tingle: lst Vice-President, Mrs. J. Warren: 2nd Vice-President, Mrs. A. Borland: Secretary, Mrs. C. Morrison: Treasurer; Mrs. E. Gaye.
October 6, 1950
 → October 20, 1950
A rich asbestos deposit is discovered by Victor Sittler and John Bartle 280 miles from Whitehorse. Short time later (October 20, 1950), the Asbestos mine is purchased by Con West Interests Purchase Asbestos.
October 20, 1950 The Rifle Club elects the following officers: President, C. North: Vice-President, Frank Mikusch: Secretary, A. Friend: Treasurer, A. Savage: Chief Instructor, 0. Rollag: Range Supervisor, C. Gilbert: Publicity, G.I. Cameron.
October 20, 1950 The Young People's Association holds its sixth annual meeting in their recreation hall.  Jamie Mutch is elected President; Vice-President, Bucky Keobke: Secretary, Pat Armstrong: Treasurer, Marg Graham.  The executive of seven includes Red Skeleton, Joanne Keobke and Vimy Yeulet.
October 27, 1950 Whitehorse welcomes a branch of the Bank of Montreal with offices in the Whitehorse Inn.
November 3, 1950 The Yukon Fish and Game Association captures 6 Buffalos in Alaska and brings them into the Yukon to provide ample food for Indians in future years.
November 3, 1950 The last link of the highway connecting Whitehorse with Mayo is completed.
November 19, 1950 The Yukon Brewery Holding Co. Ltd. Purchases the Lake of the Woods Brewery of Kenora, Ontario.
November 19, 1950 Fred Arnot outlines to the Board of Trade plans for a museum for Whitehorse.
December 1, 1950 The City Council considers a plan to have all houses in the city limits numbered for better identification.
December 15, 1950 The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks installs new officers: Exalted Ruler, W. Williamson; I.P. Exalted Ruler, W. Hancock; Leading Lnight, L. Scown; Loyal Knight, Vic Chapman; Lecturing Knight, Leo Lortie; Secretary, M. Lawrence; R. Gordon Lee; Second Vice-President,  Henry Besner; Secretary-Treasurer, Albert Coy.
December 22, 1950 Alderman George Ryder passes away December 15, 1950. (see also March 2, 1951)