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The Whitehorse Star Reports in 1955

January 7, 1955 The Kiwanis Club of Whitehorse elected the following officers at their annual meeting: C.J. “Bunny” Lelievre as President; D.W. Busby as Vice-President; J.B. Armor as Secretary; George Frizell as Treasurer.
January 21, 1955 The Whitehorse Branch, B.C.-Yukon Chamber of Mines elects the following at their annual meeting: Re-elected President, Gordon Lee; First Vice-President, Alex Berry; Second Vice-President, Don Taylor; re-elected Secretary-Treasurer, Harry Weiland.
January 21, 1955 With the leadership of Mayor Gordon Armstrong and Len Wooley, a Better Business Bureau has been formed under Board of Trade Sponsorship.
January 21, 1955 The Yukon Order of Pioneers hold their annual meeting and elect the following officers: President, Bert Barber; Secretary, Hector Grant; Treasurer, Elmer Gaundroue. For the 16th consecutive year, Tom Hebert was unanimously re-elected to the office of Warder.
January 28, 1955 Miss Dalyce Smith of Whitehorse is selected as one of nine candidates from Western Canada to compete at the Banff Winter Carnival for the title of “Miss Canadian Rockies.”
February 17, 1955 On February 28, 1955, the Bank of Montreal opens new, modern premises that were formerly located at the corner of Main Street and Second Avenue. A.C.P. Jones, Bank of Montreal manager, explained that the increased banking in Whitehorse in the past few years has made it necessary for the bank to build larger quarters to give more efficient service.
March 3, 1955 Pan American World Airways occupies new centrally located premises. The new office is located in the Whitehorse Inn in the space vacated by the Bank of Montreal.
March 3, 1955 Miss Amy Lepage is crowned Winter Carnival Queen. The carnival is the first to be hosted by the Young People’s Association.
March 3, 1955 The Whitehorse Star formally introduces Mrs. James (Flo) Whyard as Women’s editor. She is a newcomer to Whitehorse, but a resident of the North for nearly ten years, Mrs. Whyard pointed out the lack of women’s news in the Star and found herself stuck with the job.
April 28, 1955 The Yukon Historical Society, at their annual meeting, elect the following officers: Re-elected President, W.D. MacBride; Vice-President, W. Emery; Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. J.D. Scott. The museum plans many improvements for the coming year, including enlarged facilities.
April 28, 1955 Sarah Stringer, wife of Bishop I.O. Stringer, passes away in Vancouver on April 10, 1955.
May 5, 1955 Board of Trade President, Ernie Theed announces at the Board’s annual meeting that the Whitehorse Museum would from now on bear the name of its greatest contributor, W.D. MacBride, who generously gave of his time, effort, patience, and knowledge in developing and maintaining this historic centre. Rolf Hougen moved the proposal.
May 5, 1955 Ernie Theed is re-elected president of the Board of Trade on April 29, 1955.
May 12, 1955 The Whitehorse Film Council is formed. The following are elected: President, Archie Sinclair; Vice-President, Harry Weiland; Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. L.A. Cyr; Librarian, Harry Thompson. The Whitehorse Film Council hopes to provide a complete community film service and reach its ultimate aim, the establishment of a large permanent film library in the community.
May 19, 1955 The Yukon Fish and Game Association elects the following officers for the coming year: President – Mike Nowlan; Vice-President, Stuart MacPherson; Secretary, A.D. (Red) Gawne; Treasurer, Bill Waterous.
May 26, 1955 Miss Freda Collins is crowned May Queen at the May Day Carnival that the Whitehorse Young People’s Association sponsored. Other candidates were Betty-Lou Graham and Velma Berg
May 26, 1955 The Whitehorse Junior Chamber of Commerce elects the following officers: President, Al Prince; Vice-President - Archie Sinclair; Secretary - Bob Grieves; Treasurer - Ernie Carriere.
May 26, 1955 Rolf and Margaret (nee Van Dyke) Hougen's marriage is announced in the Whitehorse Star. The wedding took place in St. Joseph's Cathedral in Edmonton.
July 7, 1955 Whitehorse's Dalyce Smith is named Miss Canada. She is also Pride of the Yukon, and Queen of the Canadian Rockies. She has now been recognized officially from one coast to the other as monarch of them all.
July 14, 1955 Corporal L.A. Gibbs, who had been in charge of the Whitehorse detachment, left for Fort Smith, NWT and is to be replaced by Sergeant J.B. Fitzgerald.
August 11, 1955 The Duke River Bridge on the Alaska Highway opens August 5, 1955. It replaces a 1,400 foot timber trestle bridge constructed by the United States Army in 1943.
August 18, 1955 A party of nineteen members of the Imperial Defense College and their commanding officer visit Whitehorse. They were on the annual tour of Northern Canada made by members of the college. They were entertained at the NWHS Officers Mess and made a tour of the Alaska Highway.
August 18, 1955 London's Lord Mayor pays a brief visit to Whitehorse, arriving from Vancouver by plane in time to board the S.S. Klondike on its last trip to Dawson that season.
August 25, 1955 Three members of the five man royal commission set up to study Canada's economic potential complete the first leg of their year-long job. They arrived in Whitehorse on August 18th and were entertained by F.H. Collins, Commissioner of the Yukon, and Brigadier H.L. Meuser OBE. CD, Officer commanding the Northwest Highway System.
August 25, 1955 The newly formed St. John's Ambulance Association elects the following officers for 1955-56: President - Stanley W. Huston; Secretary - Mrs. Beatrice Crow; Treasurer - Leonard Wooley. A class in first aid was given twice weekly for a month.
September 22, 1955 The Christ the King Parent-Teacher Association holds its first meeting in the CYO Hall. Howard Firth is named President; Mrs. Corinne Cyr, First Vice-President, and Mrs. Alice Lelievre, Treasurer.
September 22, 1955 The Whitehorse Lions Club holds their first meeting of the fall season and elect the following officers: President - Percy Bethune; First Vice-President - Dave Porter; Second Vice-President - Dick Carswell; Third Vice-President - Matt Nelson; Secretary - Harry Fatt; Treasurer - W.M. (Slim) Connolly.
September 29, 1955 Streets heaped with dirt, ditches sunk into the mud, and the roar of equipment meant sewer and water for Whitehorse residents. But, not unless they applied formally at city office. Application forms were available there for those wishing to get the benefit of the million-dollar project on this side of the river.
September 29, 1955 Going ahead rapidly is the work on the Yukon River's first full-fledged bridge. A 300 foot, three span was rising to reach the area set aside as the city's new housing subdivision, Riverdale and the new hospital.
October 20, 1955 Yukon Teachers form an association on October 7/ 8, 1955, so they may promote the cause of education. The following officers are elected: President, Claude Campbell; Vice-President, Henry Bugara; Secretary, Miss Kay Stark; Treasurer, Noel Martin Koder; Executive Member, George Blair.
November 24, 1955 An early morning fire destroys the garage at Marsh Lake Lodge. The origin of the fire was unknown.
December 15, 1955 White Pass and Yukon Route announces that the Steamer Tutshi on the West Taku Arm Service and Steamer Klondike on the Whitehorse-Dawson run will not operate in 1956. With Canadian Pacific Railways announcement of their 1956 schedule for the SS Princess Louise, company officials decided that operating the west Taku Arm Service without the Louise passengers was not economically feasible. This marks the end of fifty-four years of sternwheel operation by the White Pass.
December 15, 1955 The Whitehorse Canadian Legion elects the following for the next year: President - Jack Connelly; First Vice-President A.A. Ross; Second Vice-President - C.W. (Chuck) Badcock.
December 22, 1955 The BPO Elks Lodge 306 install the following officers for the coming year: Exalted Ruler - Don MacPhail; Leading Knight, George Webber; Loyal Knight, T. Watson; Lecturing Knight, S. Husten; Treasurer, C.D. Boddulph; Secretary, J. Humme.