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The Whitehorse Star Reports in 1957

February 14, 1957 Mrs. A.K. Viaux, owner of the Whitepass Hotel, dies at the age of 89.
February 28, 1957 The Whitehorse Civic Centre hosts Whitehorse's first Auto Show on March 1, 1957.
March 21, 1957 Yukon's MP Aubrey Simmons announces that the federal government will spend $105,000 on reconstruction of the Canol Road.
April 11, 1957 On April 8, 1957, Aubrey Simmons is chosen by the territorial Liberals as candidate for the forthcoming elections.
April 11, 1957 The Yukon Council decides to adopt the fireweed as the emblem for the Yukon Territory. The crocus had also been considered, but was not chosen since it is the Manitoba provincial flower.
May 9, 1957 Erik Nielsen is nominated as the Yukon candidate for the Progressive Conservative party.
May 30, 1957 Dawson City and Mayo are flooded on May 23, 1957 as the water in the Yukon and Klondike rivers rise.
June 13, 1957 "City of Gold", a film depicting the history of gold in Dawson is awarded May 18, 1957 the grand jury award for documentary film at the Cannes film festival.
June 20, 1957
 → July 15, 1957
 → August 1, 1957
 → October 17, 1957
 → December 19, 1957
J. Aubrey Simmons is initially announced winner of the closest Yukon elections ever (July 15, 1957). However, a month later (July 18, 1957), the Whitehorse Star reports that irregular votes may cause the election to be voided. On August 1, 1957, the Yukon Conservative Party files a petition claiming that 630 votes are irregular. In the following the elections are declared void by a court (October 11, 1957). The new election, held in December (December 16, 1957), is won by Erik Nielsen who will be the Yukon's MP.
July 11, 1957 The Dawson Branch of the B.C. and Yukon Chamber of Mines and the City Council are joint hosts for France's ambassador to Canada Francois La Coste.
July 11, 1957 The Whitehorse City Council discusses possible locations of a city garage.
July 11, 1957 Lucas Kraytbosch, Consul of the Netherland, pays a week-long visit to the Yukon.
July 25, 1957
 → August 29, 1957
Wing Commander T.T. "Ted" Scovill is the new commanding officer of the RCAF station in Whithorse. The handing-over ceremony is covered in the Whitehorse Star on August 29, 1957.
August 29, 1957 The Northern Affairs Minister, Alvin Hamilton arrives for a two-day visit in Whitehorse on August 31, 1957. The last trip to the Yukon by a Northern Affairs Minister was in 1954.
September 5, 1957 Northern Affairs Minister Alvin Hamilton announces that works on a bridge over the Yukon River at Carmacks will start in 1958.
September 19, 1957 Roy Minter joins White Pass.
September 26, 1957 For the first time in their history, Indians in the Whitehorse area name a chief for their band: Billy Smith.
October 17, 1957 The Peace River bridge collapses and stalls Alaska Highway traffic.
October 17, 1957 Rolf Hougen is Yukon ambassador at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce convention in Victoria.
November 7, 1957 Mrs. Martha Black passes away.
November 28, 1957 Chris van Overen is the new manager of the Taku Hotel.

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