Yukon Nuggets


The Whitehorse Star Reports in 1962

January 8, 1962 White Pass & Yukon Route purchase Loiselle Transport Ltd. of Dawson Creek on January 4, 1962.
January 8, 1962 Erwin Martens is installed as president of the Whitehorse Kiwanis Club on January 2, 1962.
January 11, 1962 Norman Chamberlist protests his expulsion from territorial council. Justice John Parker dismisses Norman Chamberlist's case against Commissioner F.H. Collins and J.O. Livesey, territorial council speaker. Parker declared he nor any other court in Canada have the jurisdiction to enquire the council's decision.
January 29, 1962 Northbound vehicle traffic over the Alaska Highway set an all-time record during 1961. Records show that a total of 16,994 vehicles entered Alaska over the highway during that year.
February 1, 1962
 → September 13, 1962
 → October 9, 1962
Under the Lord's Day Act paid admission on Sunday events is prohibited in Whitehorse, starting February 1, 1962. In consequence, movies are not shown on Sundays, no bowling events are held on Sundays and admission to Sunday hockey events is free. On September 13, 1962, city council gives green light for two plebiscites on Sunday Sport and Sunday Movies. (To be voted at the same time will be daylight saving time and the inclusion of residents from the West of Eighth area within the city limits.) The Whitehorse Board of Trade announces October 9, 1962, it supports daylight saving as well as paid admission to Sunday sport and Sunday entertainment.
February 8, 1962 After protests from Indian groups about insufficient participation in the newly opened Skookum Jim Centre, Norman Shorty and Clara Tizya join the board of the Centre.
February 15, 1962 Erik Nielsen, on behalf of Northern Affairs Minister Dinsdale, announces the establishment of two new mining districts: one in the south-east corner of the Yukon Territory; the other across the boundary in the southwest corner of the Northwest Territories.
February 19, 1962 The Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous is held in mid-February. Alice Martine is the new Sourdough Rendezvous Queen.
February 22, 1962 Northern affairs and territorial officials announce the removal of building from squatter areas in Whitehorse. Areas include Whiskey Flats, Moccasin Flates, Sleepy Hollow, West of Eights Avenue and Two Mile.
February 26, 1962 A bill passes February 13, 1962 in the House of Commons according to which the Keewatin and Franklin districts of the Northwest Territories together will have a member in the next house of commons.
February 26, 1962 Hougen's Ltd. search for the longest-married couple in the Yukon is won by Mr. And Mrs. Ira Van Bibber. The couple was married in 1903 and has lived in the territory ever since.
March 1, 1962 Northern Affairs minister Walter Dinsdale boost a national park for the Yukon.
March 8, 1962 Bob Campbell is elected president of the Whitehorse Board of Trade on March 6, 1962. Dave Porter is 1st Vice President, Dr. Bill Buchan 2nd Vice President and Jim Boyce Treasurer. Beth Drayton is Manager.
March 15, 1962 Yukon MP Erik Nielsen calls a halt to the proposed layoffs along the Northwest Highway System. Effective date for the end of work had been set at March 31.
March 15, 1962 Hougen's Ltd. Celebrate their 1st anniversary of the opening of the new facilities.
March 19, 1962 March 18, 1962, Heather Berg is elected Queen of Dawson City's 2nd Ice Carnival
March 26, 1962 The Skookum Jim Memorial Centre opens in Whitehorse on March 23, 1962.
April 9, 1962 It is announced that Gordon Cameron will assume the position of Yukon's Commissioner on May 1st, 1962. Member of Parliament Erik Nielsen makes the announcement. Mr. Cameron succeeds Fred H. Collins. He was the first Yukoner named to the post since George Black.
May 10, 1962 Bob Hughes is elected president of the Whitehorse Lions Club May 9, 1962. He succeeds Bert Law as the Lions Club President.
May 14, 1962 F.H. Collins receives the Eagles merit award from the Fraternal Order of Eagles.
May 31, 1962 Federal Liberal Leader Lester Pearson visits Whitehorse.
June 18, 1962 Erik Nielsen is re-elected as the Yukon’s Member of Parliament defeating Liberal candidate Vic Wylie.
June 28, 1962 A new mining strike in the Mayo mining district is made known June 25, 1962. 464 claims on an iron ore deposit by Crest Exploration are recorded.
August 21, 1962 A petition is circulating Whitehorse and calls for geographic and economic survey of a road from Carcross to Skagway.
October 4, 1962 On October 2, 1962, Judge John Parker suggest the union of the Mackenzie district of the Northwest Territories and the Yukon into a single territory and, eventually, a province.
October 17, 1962 "The Bay" opens its store in Whitehorse.
December 10, 1962 The Sleepy Hollow area is flooded with "froozen" water when the sluce ice in the Yukon river slowed down the flow and caused the water to go over the riverbanks.
December 17, 1962 Half of the territorial councillors speak out against a national park in the Yukon.