Yukon Nuggets

  • Photo Rolf Hougen.

  • Photo courtesy of Tim Kinvig.

  • Photo courtesy of Tim Kinvig.

  • Photo courtesy of Tim Kinvig.

2007 Historical Photos

Canada Winter Games – Whitehorse Yukon 2007

Whitehorse hosted the Canada Games on February 23 to March 10, 2007.

To prepare for the games a new multiplex recreation Centre was constructed at the top of the two mile hill.

The building totaled 181,000 square feet consisting of 42,000 Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball etc. area, 459,000 sq ft Olympic size ice arena, 4600 fitness centre, 25 meter swimming pool, meeting rooms, 5000 sq ft leisure ice, a running track etc.

The facility displays Yukon Heritage and History as well as decorative artwork and murals.

Opening ceremonies for the Canada Games took place downtown in a giant tent erected for the purpose and sponsored by Atco.

It was located adjacent to the Yukon River. In addition to the sports events there were displays and events including Dene and Inuit games.