Yukon Nuggets

  • The Governor General officially opened the Riverdale Bridge. L to R: Aubrey Simmons, M.P., Mayor Gordon Armstrong, Vincent Massey, Commissioner Fred Collins.

  • Governor General Vincent Massey talking to Hootalinqua Sam in front of the MacBride Museum.

1956 Historical Photos

Governor Vincent Massey

In 1956 Governor Vincent Massey, the first Canadian Governor General, visited Whitehorse. He was hosted in the RCAF officers mess by Commissioner and Mrs. F.H. Collins.
Among the guests of 300 were chief Frank and Mrs. Sydney of Teslin, Chief Patsy and Mrs. Henderson of Carcross.
Brigadier and Mrs. Meuser, Inspector and Mrs. Steinhauer, Sq. Leader Frank Pearce, Mr. and Mrs. George Van Roggen, Mr. and Mrs. Erik Nielsen, Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Hougen, Miss Victoria Faulkner.