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  • The Chamber Meets the Queen, 1990.

1990 Hougen's history

Canadian Chamber of Commerce

For the first time ever, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce was part of the Nation's Birthday celebrations on Parliament Hill. And the part the business group played, was as co-sponsor of the special 1990 commemorative stamp with Canada Post Corporation. Canadian Chamber of Commerce Chairman Rolf Hougen and Canada Post Chairman and CEO Donald Lander presented the stamp to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. A "magic" button was pressed by the Queen, revealing the stamp to the thousands who gathered on Parliament Hill or tuned into the live television coverage. Never before has a reigning monarch unveiled a Canadian Stamp. The stamp celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Canadian flag. It depicts the flag fluttering against a sky full of fireworks. The flag became official on Feb. 15, 1965 after lengthy debate. At the time, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce supported the adoption of the new flag as a symbol of Canadian unity. Later, the Chamber also actively supported the designation of July 1 as Canada Day, rather than Dominion Day as it was formerly known.

The Canadian Chamber has strong ties to Taiwan, fulfilling many functions that would be handled by the diplomatic corps. Canada does not officially recognize Taiwan and does not have an embassy in Taipei. 2nd from right, Rolf Hougen, who headed the delegation to Taiwan.

Every year the Chairman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce attends the annual meeting of the Canadian Chamber. The picture on the right shows Rolf and Marg Hougen viewing Capitol Hill in Washington during a visit to see Derek Burney, Canadian Ambassador to Washington and to attend the U.S. Chamber annual meeting.