Yukon Nuggets

  • Cancom Awarded 3 Plus 1, 1983.

1983 Hougen's history


March of 1983 was a milestone date for northern communications with the CRTC Decision awarding Cancom transmission of the four U.S. Network television signals and VOCM-FM Radio, St. John's, Newfoundland for a total Cancom package of eight TV and nine radio signals. Other highpoints which made March 1983 special were delivery of the federal National Broadcast Policy, and the creation of a Native broadcast programming fund of more than $43 million to be used during the next 4 years. Each of these initiatives will be of assistance in improving service provided by Cancom as well as providing the much needed base for Native communications groups.

Regarding the Cancom service, the Hon. Francis Fox, Minister of Communications said, "I am pleased to see the further equalization of television service for Canadians living in remote and underserved areas coming onstream in accord with the National Broadcast Policy." Mr. Fox also said he hoped for early additions and significant development of new Canadian programming from broadcasting entrepreneurs. The Minister concluded the brief interview, "We wish Cancom well in the distribution of their improved package to individuals, community broadcasters and cable companies wherever licensed distribution of this fine entertainment and news package is granted."