Yukon Nuggets

  • Rolf Hougen at Cape Canaveral, 1982.

  • The lift off - the viewing stand was 4 miles from the launch site, 1982.

1982 Hougen's history

Launch of the Anik D1

As the largest user of Telesat's satellite services - Anik C, Eldon Thompson, president of Telesat Canada and David Golden, chairman, invited Marg & Rolf Hougen, chairman of Cancom to Cape Canaveral for the launch of Anik D1 by a Delta rocket. We stayed at Cocoa Beach. We toured the Kennedy Space Centre. The launch date is August 26. Marg & Rolf were again invited to the launch on Telesat's Anik C3 on November 11 when the space shuttle Columbia was used for the launch.