Yukon Nuggets

  • Requiem for the “Whitehorse and the Casca”, 1974.

1974 Hougen's history

Letter from Ted Harrison

To Rolf from Ted Harrison - "With best wished to one who actually did something positive for the Whitehorse and Casca." June 20th 1974

You served the Yukon well,
And in your prime,
Cleaved with burdened holds
Through treacherous shoals
Whose spruce lined shores
Embraced the skeletons of
Former barques.

Retirement was rich in
Ill neglect.
The sound of Yukon’s waters
Mocked your impotence
Until a painted façade
Brought back awhile the
Image of a former glory.

We passed you by, until
With awesome power
The crackling flames
Uplifted all our eyes and
Focused for a while your
Dying personalities.

Our tears, showing anguished last respect,
Some small atonement for our past neglect.

-Ted Harrison