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  • Claude Lewis, President presenting the “Outstanding Service Award” to Rolf Hougen.

2000 Hougen's history

Outstanding Service Award

Canadian Satellite Users Association President Claude Lewis had this to say: “Rolf Hougen is a true satellite pioneer. It was Rolf’s vision and commitment that drove the creation of one of the first commercial satellite users in Canada – Cancom.” “In the 60’s Rolf was involved in WHTV, the local Whitehorse TV channel. That has evolved to today’s successful cable television system. In those early days organized taping of T.V. programming off air in Vancouver and fly it to Whitehorse for rebroadcasting. Rolf could not afford to allow WHTV to fail – his store in Whitehorse had sold over 300 TV sets.” “Rolf as Cancom’s first chairman, really became immersed in the satellite business in the late 70’s. Cancom won a license in April 1981 and went on the satellite 90 days after. Cancom introduced the first scrambled satellite television network in the world.”