Yukon Nuggets

  • Left to Right: Past Presidents attending the banquet: Art Pearson, Gary Bauer, Bill Dunbar, Rolf Hougen, Con Lattin, Brian Morris, Jack Hogan, Flo Whyard, 1988.

1988 Hougen's history

Whitehorse Board of Trade

The Whitehorse Board of Trade celebrated it's 40th anniversary. The board was founded in 1947 with a presentation of a gavel by the Vancouver Board of Trade. Among the founding members were Rolf Hougen, Jim Smith, Ed Jacobs, George Ryder, Bill MacBride , Jack Elliott, John Phelps, Ernie Lortie, John McIsaac, Horace Moore, Stu McPherson, Gorden Lee, Gorden Armstrong, Bill Drury Sr., Aubrey Simmons, T.C. Richards, Kippy Boerner.