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Frances Muncaster: Pioneer Woman of Squaw Creek

She was an American woman who gave up the life of high society, comfort and privilege to live the tough life of a miner in the wilds of the Yukon and northern British Columbia.

She was small and slim, with…

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Princess of the Yukon

It seems during those tumultuous years of 1898-1899, the Klondike Nugget newspaper didn't miss a story. So it's no surprise that the paper gave considerable coverage to the Princess of the Yukon.

Margie Newman was just nine years old,…

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Marjorie Rambeau - From the Dawson Stage to Hollywood Fame

When she was only ten years old, Marjorie Rambeau performed in the mining camps of Nome.

“...With my hair cropped close ...the  men would shake gold dust into my cap, “ said Rambeau later in her career, “But nobody suspected…

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