Yukon Nuggets

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From the OK Corral to the Nome Gold Rush

Among the gold-fevered stampeders who tried to cash in on the Gold Rush was a professional gunfighter named Wyatt Earp. Yep! The same man who was once the Sheriff of Dodge City. The same guy who carved his name in…

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Hollywood and the Movies

The most famous motion picture about the Klondike is surely Charlie Chaplin's world-acclaimed 1925 classic called "Gold Rush". Yet is it by no means the only Hollywood movie to use the Klondike as a backdrop for stars of the days.…

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William Desmond Taylor

According to a friend who knew him in the Yukon, William Taylor was the dude of Dawson City. Not much was really known about the background of this flamboyant character who worked for the Yukon Gold Corporation, on and off,…

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