Yukon Nuggets

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Pattullo annexes the Yukon

In my search for Yukon Nuggets, stories from our fabled past, I have often come across strange - sometimes bizarre - tales.

Most recently, a story surfaced for which I have no explanation, nor could I find anything to prove…

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The Mad Trapper

He was called the Mad Trapper of Rat River. There is no compelling evidence that he was mad. There is plenty of evidence that he wanted to be left alone. But when he wounded a Mountie, his days as a…

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Herschel Island

Herschel Island was named, in 1826, by the British Arctic explorer, Sir John Franklin, after the famous English astronomer William Herschel, who studied the planets and the stars in the 17th century. He was the first to spot the far-off…

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