Yukon Nuggets

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An Immigrant’s Story

A few men made millions in the early days of the Klondike gold rush. Thousands, it is said, left the Klondike with nothing but memories.

This story is about a poor immigrant named John, who was born in Sweden in…

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The Grandest Home in the Yukon

Now an historic attraction, the Commissioner’s Residence in Dawson City is the Yukon’s equivalent of the White House, or twenty-four (24) Sussex Drive in Ottawa. It was originally built to house the most senior government official in the territory, the…

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Flashback: The Remains of the Columbian - 1906

Riverboats were the life-blood of the Yukon at the turn of the century. One day - Tuesday, September 25th, in 1906 - one of them was the scene of a disaster which led to the death of six young men.

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