Yukon Nuggets

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Frances Muncaster: Pioneer Woman of Squaw Creek

She was an American woman who gave up the life of high society, comfort and privilege to live the tough life of a miner in the wilds of the Yukon and northern British Columbia.

She was small and slim, with…

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First Yukon gold rush

It wasn't much by Klondike standards, but the first gold rush in the Yukon set the stage for the stunning events which would soon follow.

In the early 1880s, miners and prospectors began filtering into the Yukon. They were testing…

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Stewart River

Many places in the Yukon are named for people who worked for the Hudson Bay Company. And most of it is due to the explorations of Robert Campbell, who named one of the most important rivers in the Yukon after…

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William Puckett

There’s a neat well-maintained pathway with, of all things, stairs. It leads from Alexander Street to the airport. But when I was a kid in the fifties, the trail to the airport via Puckett’s Gulch hadn’t changed much since…

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